CloudFlare is having a ‘Bleed’ : Change your passwords immediately !


What is CloudFlare ?

CloudFlare is a provider of varied services that include content delivery, DNS,protection from DDoS ( Trojans and such) attacks and performance boosts to websites. The services of Cloudflare are used by millions of people on a daily basis that also include big names like ISIS ( Yes the same ISIS), Yelp, Uber, The Pirate Bay, Pastebin, Feedly, National Review, and others.

What is Cloud Bleed?

A coding flaw in Cloudflare’s software caused a buffer overrun,that resulted in returning the memory that contains private information such as HTTP cookies, authentication tokens, HTTP POST bodies, and other sensitive data And some of that data had been cached by search engines. In short the Logins and passwords of the users have been exposed.Hence dubbing the disaster as ‘Cloud bleed’.

The company recently made some changes to its software, and those changes allowed the bug to begin leaking private data in a way it hadn’t previously done.


Are you being affected ?

You can use the tool DoesItUseCloudflare to check on specific sites that you have visited since September 2016 to know if you are at risk or not.It is always better to use a password manager to avoid such hassles in the future.

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